Archive of Absurd Collected Papers and Feelings

The Archive of Absurd Collected Papers and Feelings originates from an obsession with collecting gifted papers and their traces to memory. The collection is sentimental. It is a gathering of feelings that no longer occur in my present everyday. However, the rememberance as recorded continues to live in the archive through my written support.

Initially, I collected the blank pages taken from old notebooks and drawings on scraps of paper. Then, the collection grew into my interest in the behavior of archival impulses or the ways in which we store keepsakes and our reasoning. What do we choose to accumulate or discard? How do we store something fragile? What constitutes an archive?

Along these interests, the collection grew towards including the paper or material that wrapped or stored a precious or fragile object, like the yellow bag with roses that originally stored a ring box or the pink wallpaper that was used to wrap a note. This collection is a part of a personal history with no physical evidence remaining but the few traces and testimonies here. 



logos endiathetos - there is no word that can appropriately express the feeling. it can never be expressed or fully comprehended by speech because there is something always remained to be said.